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        NANAIMO ECUMENICAL CENTRE               (NEC)

Nanaimo Ecumenical Centre Society


The NECS is an equal collaboration between our Trinity Catholic and Trinity United faith communities.  The purposes of the Society include the promotion of the purposes of the Christian Ecumenical movement, and Trinity United Pastoral Charge, and Trinity Catholic Parish, by providing and maintaining lands, buildings, and services for the operation of the Ecumenical Centre.  All members of Trinity Catholic Parish and Trinity United Pastoral Charge are members of the NEC Society.  The Governors of the Society shall consist of six appointed members plus the principal Minister or Priest from each faith community—fourteen governors in total.




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Trinity Catholic Church

6234 Spartan Rd

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250 390-2612 250 390-2612

Office Hours

 SEP 10 - JUN:

Mon          9 am - 12:45 pm

Tue-Fri     9 am - 1:45 pm


SUMMER:   Jul - Sep:

Wed - Fri  8 am - 12:45pm



+ Tuesday 4 Dec for

    Staff Christmas Lunch

+ Weekends              

+ All statutory holidays

Worship Times

 Schedule Changes


Regular Schedule


      Saturday   6 pm

      Sunday      8 am

                          9 am

      Monday     6 pm

      Tue - Fri    9 am

Children's Liturgy:

      Saturday   6pm                              Sunday      9 am 


        1/2 hr before

        Mon - Sat



         1/2 hr before

         Mon - Fri Masses

Rosary Cenacle:

         Thursday  1 - 3 pm


          Friday  9:30 -  10:30 am

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