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The following Sacraments and services are available at Trinity Catholic: Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, RCIA, Mass Intentions, Pastoral Visits, Prayer Requests, Papal Blessings, Anointing of the Sick and Funerals. Please scroll down for more information.



Fr. Jozef is very pleased to celebrate Baptisms with the parish during Mass, usually on the first Sunday of the month. An approximately half hour meeting with Father, followed by viewing an educational video, is required for first time parents. Please bring a copy of your childs birth certificate with you to the meeting.


To arrange for an appointment with Father Jozef, please call the parish office at 250 390-2612.

First Communion and Confirmation


These are held every alternate year in May with Reverend Gary Gordon, Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria, presiding.  Preparation for these sacraments is provided for the children as part of their regular Religious Education program over a two year period usually starting in Grade 2. A Diocesan Program is used leading to the three sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion.

For further information or  questions regarding special circumstances please contact the Religious Education Coordinator, Rosemary Kelly, at the office at 250 390-2612.



Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


Adults wishing to become Catholics and to receive the  sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion are invited to contact the office at 250 390-2612.


This program normally  begins in September and is completed the following Easter when the Sacraments are received.


Reconciliation / Confession


Fr. Jozef hears confessions daily from  one half hour before Mass on Monday to Saturday.


Special Penitential Services, with Fr. Jozef and visiting priests to hear confessions, are held twice a year. Once before Easter during Lent, and once before Christmas during Advent.


Children in the Religious Education Program celebrate their own First Reconciliation and Penitential Services with Fr. Jozef presiding as part of their  faith formation program.




To give time for the  preparation needed for this blessed event, a minimum of six months notice is required. Couples are  required to take a recognized "Marriage Preparation Course" and all the applicable documentation and dispensations must be approved by the Diocese. Please note that for the Catholic parties in the marriage, the documentation includes  a recent copy  of their baptismal certificate, signed within the last 6 months, by the current Priest where the baptism occurred.


Pastoral Visits


Home Visits: If you would like a caring visit, a supportive smile, or a friendly hand to help in difficult times of loneliness, loss, pain or illness call the Pastoral Care Committee through the Parish office 250 390-2612.  If you are unable to get to church and would like to receive Holy Communion a member of our Communion Ministry will be  pleased to bring communion to you.


Hospital Visits: To receive a pastoral visit, holy communion, or the Sacrament of the Sick  from Fr. Jozef, please call the Parish Office at 250 390-2612.


VICTORIA HOSPITAL currently has no onsite Spiritual Care employee, there is no notification at this time of Catholic patients to the Catholic Hospital Chaplain (Fr. Thomas). This means that if you know of someone in the hospital who would like to receive Holy Communion or even a prayerful visit, it is imperative that you let your parish office know. They will then contact Father Thomas, the Catholic Hospital Chaplain for visits and he will further communicate to the outreach Eucharistic volunteers. For the past few months we have been notified of very few Catholic patients in the hospital and we would like to make sure patients don't miss the opportunity of Holy Communion at a time when they may need it the most. 





can all be started with a simple call to the office at 250 390-2612.


Prayer requests can also be submitted on line to "Our Catholic Prayers" by clickin on the button below.

Sacraments for the Sick


We are happy to provide the sacraments for those who are ill or infirmed in their home or in the hospital. Please contact the office at 250 390-2612 to make your request.


Communion can be received, on a one time or a regular basis, and Confession and Anointing of the Sick as needed.


Visitation of the sick at home or in the hospital by Fr. Jozef is every first Friday of the month.




To arrange a funeral at Trinity Catholic please call the parish office at 250 390-2612 to meet with Fr. Jozef and the funeral ministry team.  The meeting can usually be arranged within the next day or two. At this meeting, with the caring and capable guidance of our funeral ministry,  the date and time of the funeral, with or without a reception on site, will  be confirmed.The music, readings, homily and other particulars will be selected and any special needs of the family identified.



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