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Metanoia is a video series beautifully filmed on location in the Holy Land.


Father Dave Pivonka from Steubenville University takes us on a ten episode journey that he describes as the most important journey of our lives, a journey of grace, hope, repentance and transformation.

It is a wonderful presentation of our Catholic faith.


You are invited to join us and bring a friend either

Wednesdays at 7pm in the Lounge,


Thursdays at 9:45 am in room 213.

February 5 & 6 to April 8 & 9, 2020.


For more information contact Alan Cavin or Huguette Fox

through the office at 250 390-2612


Wednesdays after 9am Mass


'Sunday Scripture Reflections' 

A 10 week study with Ching and Aurel Muego.


" In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. " (John‬ ‭1:1‬ ‭)     


The Bible is God's love letter to His children.

The purpose for a Scripture Study is to encounter the author Himself (God) and learn how He personally relates to His children.

The hearing and understanding of His Word transforms the mind as we hear and allow it in our hearts and spirit.

Ching and Aurel often share how the Word is lived in the land of the Bible with their yearly experience with God's chosen people in Israel. Come and experience for yourself and be transformed.



Mondays,  6-7pm

from September 9th


Registration forms are available in the narthex.


For children who are coming into the two year Sacramental Program for first Communion and Confirmation a copy of their baptism must be attached to the registration form.


Please return all forms to the office.

If the office is closed you can slip them  under the door

or through the mail box in the outside window. 



 Rosemary Kelly-Religious Education Coordinator,

 through the office at 250 390-2612.



Is held  during the

Saturday 6pm & the

Sunday 9am Masses.


For more information contact

the co-ordinator 


Rosemary Kelly  through the office at 250 390-2612.


Grades 6 - 12

 Youth Group commenced on September 15th and 

meets the third Saturday (3:30pm )

and fourth Monday ( 6:30 pm) of each month.

New students welcome.  


Registration forms are available in the foyer.

Please drop them  off at the  office when completed. 

For more information contact the yourth coordinator,

Swedini Halliday  through the office at 250 390-2612.




The Youth wishes to extend their gratitude to Ed and Doris Landry for their continued dedication to the collecting and processing of the recyclable beverage cartons, cans and bottles.

The youth also thank the parish for bring their recyclables to the church.


In 2019 a total of $1,424 was donated to Chalice by the youth group.

This included the monthly support of our sponsored child, Joseph, in Kenya, and donations sent from the Chalice Christmas Gift Catalogue.   



The youth group has been sponsoring a child in Kenya for many years through Chalice, a Catholic Organization. This sponsorship is dependent on the money received through the recycling of bottles. Please continue to bring your cans and bottles and place them in the box labeled Trinity Catholic, under the coat rack in the hallway.

Thank you for your support. 



The Alpha Program is being offered by Trinity United again this fall. The twelve sessions have been scheduled to occur every second week, rather than weekly, beginning October 25th. There will be no sessions in December.

They will be hosting dinner gatherings followed by a video and discussion on Fridays at 5pm. As usual, the first session is an introduction to the Alpha program and format.


We invite all those who would like to know more to register at the church office, or with Donna  through the office at 250 390-2612. A more detailed schedule will follow.


Registration is open now until Thanksgiving Sunday. 


For more info you can also go to  

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Mon-Tue: phones & emails will be monitored remotely



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 April 2016

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